April 24, 2011

..Cereal, Easter, and Random Stuff..

Happy Easter everyone! It's Macee's first Easter, and I got her a few outfits, a cute little stuffed animal that sings, and some rice cereal and bowls and spoons. We've tried to do a rice feeding through a bowl and spoon, and it didn't go over very well. She loved the flavor of it, but couldn't quite get a hang of eating off the spoon. It was messy, but really funny!!
She is almost 15 weeks! Holy cow, it has gone by SO fast! She's grown out of all of her newborn stuff, and a lot of her 0-3 month ones too! It makes me kinda sad! She'll have her 4 month appointment in a couple weeks, and that means more shots..which make me so nervous! She did awesome last time, but I'm just a paranoid mommy!

This is what happens when we try tummy time...FAIL!

First time with cereal..she just smiled the whole time.

Easter outfit! 

Without the jacket..

With Daddy on Easter.

With Mommy on Easter.

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