November 20, 2009

Sick Family

The last couple weeks have been rough...
Alex was sick with a really bad cold all last week. Now I'm sick with something I got from his cousin, Rylie. It feels like something I got right before we got married, which turned into a sinus infection and I'm praying it's not one of those again! Every time I get one, I can't even move without it hurting! 
Today my cousin got married and I felt so bad, but we didn't go because I am sick, I don't want to give it to anybody else!
Last night, me and my mom went with all of Alex's family to a girl's night to see New Moon! We got to see it the night before it premiered and it was so amazing!!! New Moon is my favorite book out of the Twilight series so I was so excited to see this movie, and it didn't disappoint me at all! Especially since myself and everyone I know thinks Alex looks like Jacob...which I think is a huge compliment but Alex doesn't think so, just because it's someone from Twilight.

Amanda (sis-in-law) Sheri, my mom, and me with our vampire teeth we got in our little goodie bags before the movie started!

November 18, 2009

Best Friends Birthday Dinner!

My best friend's, Manda, birthday and mine are exactly a week apart. So every year, we try to do a dinner to celebrate both of them at the same time. This year we went to Pirate Island Pizza. It's pretty much a pirate themed Chuck-E-Cheese, but it was fun!!
There were a bunch of us, probably around 16 or so, so it was a little hard to talk to everyone but we all still had a great time together! It was fun to get a big bunch of us together and eat and play the arcade games.

Best friends since 2004!

Me and my pirate hubby.

Dal and Lauren!....And Alex trying to sneak in.

Ben and Manda!

November 8, 2009

Dani's Birthday Weekend!

Yesterday was my birthday and it was the most fun birthday I've had in such a long time!! It started on Wednesday when we went to Iggy's with my family for my birthday and my parent's 25th anniversary. It's so good to get everyone together for a night out!
Then Friday we went to dinner with everyone from Alex's family for mine and Sheri's (Alex's mom) birthday. There were about 15 of us and the service sucked but the food was sooooooooo good! We went to this Mexican place that I'm not sure of the name..
After that, Alex and I went over to our friend's, Dallin and Lauren, house to play their new Wii and I have never laughed that hard watching people play video games!! We got done playing around 1 in the morning and then to celebrate my birthday with them, we went to IHOP at about 2 in the morning! I'm still trying to recouperate from staying up that late!
Saturday, which was my actual birthday, we went to my grandma's house for the November birthdays. My grandma makes the absolute best burritos, I could eat a million of them! Then it was off to the Jazz game!

Our seats before the game started.

Us SO excited to watch the Jazz!

Someone dunking the ball for practice...not sure who it was though.

Even though they lost to the Sacramento Kings, we still had a blast!! And now we're on our way to go play games at my brother's house with my family. 
It has been an awesome week/weekend and thanks to everyone who was there to share it with me!!!

November 6, 2009

Since the wedding...

So I decided to get back into the blogging world, even though my first round of it didn't go so well...
Starting with the fantastic wedding details..

The wedding day was amazing!! The temple was incredible and it still feels like it was yesterday that we were sealed.  I was so incredibly sick that whole week, I'm still not sure if it was stress or just my luck but on the wedding day I couldn't eat a single thing and I was sure I was going to throw up in the temple at one point or another, but I never did!
It was pretty much a monsoon outside when we were all done and ready to go take pictures, so we had to wait about 20 minutes before it cleared up to go outside and my dress was so disgusting after taking pictures. But it cleared up just long enough for us to get some gorgeous shots! And then on our way to our luncheon just on the temple grounds is when it started to pour again and it never did stop after that.
The reception was so awesome! The Southworth Hall was such an amazing place to do it and from what I heard the chocolate fountains were so good...I'm still bitter that I was too sick to even eat chocolate!
We went on our honeymoon to Vegas and Disneyland and I ended up getting a sinus infection while in California so we only went a half day to Disneyland out of the 2 day pass we had! I felt HORRIBLE for Alex! The day after we went to Disneyland, I slept till about 4 in the afternoon! I just over did it that day. So the honeymoon could've gone a little better but it was good just to get away!
Now we're living in Provo and Alex is about to start his semester back to school in January. I'm still working at Mastercuts and hopefully will never leave there! I love that place and all the girls I work with!
We've been able to do lots of fun things around Utah lately..

We've been going to BYU football and basketball games with the season passes Alex just had to have :)

Us at the BYU football home opener.

We've also done a few little vacations..Idaho, Wendover, St. George, Mesquite. Just nice little get-aways for the weekend!

Us golfing in St. George a couple weeks ago. I got Alex a tee time at a really nice golf course for his birthday. It was so fun!

And we had a fun Halloween..Alex dressed up as Cal Naughton Jr. from Talladega Nights and his cousin Rylie was Ricky Bobby! I didn't get a picture of them together though, I was sad! I had to work Halloween night so I got to dress up with the girls I work with and hand out candy to Trick-Or-Treaters that came around the mall.

Darcie, Blakley, me, and Katie.

And tomorrow is my birthday!! I'm turning 22! So this week and weekend have been filled with dinners and parties and all sorts of fun stuff! Alex got me tickets to the Jazz game tomorrow and we are so excited to go!

So not much has happened since we got married but we have been loving our life together!!