April 28, 2010

Yet another setback..

So I am frustrated beyond belief. We were supposed to close yesterday on our house, and turns out we won't be able to until NEXT Wednesday AFTER we get back from vacation.
Our condo had been winterized since the owners didn't live there this winter. And we didn't know it had to be de-winterized until the inspections people came to inspect, and couldn't since the water didn't turn on. So they had to get someone out there to fix it, which took longer than expected, and ended up backing everything else up in the process. The inspections went well, there were only a few major things that needed to be fixed. Which didn't end up being fixed at all, even though they had a deadline of last Friday. We went through our final walk through on Monday and nothing had been done to it, besides the water being turned back on.
So, needless to say, I am done with this process. I am done careing, I am done worrying, I am just done.
I'm just going to pack my things, take my hubby, and run away to California and hide away with Mickey and Minnie..
They'll make everything better, right?

April 22, 2010

House update!

Well as far as we know, everything is still set on us closing on Tuesday!! We got the inspection done this week and there were a few things wrong with it that the sellers have until tomorrow to fix, but nothing too big. Part of me is hoping the sellers go over our closing date because if they do, they'll owe me and Alex 100 bucks a day they go over! I wouldn't mind that one single bit! Ha ha..
But hopefully everything goes well and we'll get the keys on Wednesday, then on next Thursday we're going to Vegas and Disneyland for a week!!! I cannot wait, we've needed a vacation so freaking bad!
We're kind of re-enacting our honeymoon because well, ours didn't go as planned. We did go to Vegas and Disneyland for our honeymoon, but I was extremely sick with a sinus infection when we got to California, so we only went about a half day to Disneyland out of our 2 day pass we had. So this time around, I'm making sure we get our money worth and actually have fun!! And I'm really excited to stay in Vegas on the way down, because we're staying at Planet Hollywood, and it's attatched to the Miracle Mile Shops and that is like heaven to me! So I'll let Alex play in the casino for a bit while I go shopping!
What a wonderful vacation this will be.. and pics will come soon after we get home!