December 13, 2009

Temple Square and Our First Christmas Tree!

On Friday, Alex and I celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary and our 1 year anniversary of when we got engaged! I want to start our family tradition by going up to Temple Square every year on December 11th, since that's the day and the place we got engaged.  We went to dinner before to Texas Roadhouse, which was incredible!!! Dallin and Lauren came with us and it was so fun to get out and have a double date with them!

I took a pic of the temple, and Alex breathed right next to me at the same time..turned out pretty cool!

Me and my hubby in front of the temple we got married in!

In front of the same nativity scene that we got engaged in front of!

Just us again.

After we got home from Temple Square, Alex told me he bought us a Christmas tree! I was so excited because he said he didn't want to decorate for Christmas this year and it made me sad, since it's our first married Christmas.  This is what he found...

He's so proud of himself.

I got to put the only ball on it.

It's an actual Charlie Brown had Charlie Brown on the box and everything. Alex thought he was being pretty funny...which he's right. :)

December 5, 2009

The Holy War!

Alex and I were able to get the BYU Student All-Sport Pass for all the sports this season. This included all the home games for BYU football, which also included the biggest game of them all..


It was the most intense game I have ever been to! I never realized how mean people can be in this rivalry, until I went to this game!  Most of the people around us were okay, except for the one guy sitting next to me. He was a BYU fan, but when one of the Ute players was hurt, he started cheering about it! I couldn't believe someone could be that disrespectful that they would cheer when a person is hurt. It doesn't matter if it's on the other team, you still need to be respectful of that person! 
Anyways! Other than the guy next to me, the game was a blast!! It was so insane! And the game itself was just incredible. I love close games like that, even though BYU was a little frustrating for giving up that lead they had! The last play of the game went by so fast, and then all the fans rushed the field, which made everything so chaotic! We were brave and rushed the field with everyone else, but getting down there was a little scary, with everyone pushing to get down the stairs. I'm suprised nobody fell!
We got to see and congratulate a lot of the players while we were down there, Alex was so happy!!
He kept saying "I patted Andrew George on the shoulder...I patted Max Hall on the head!!" 

Before the game, everyone in the stadium got these flags.

The final score!! And Andrew George being thrown around by the crowd.

Us on the field, with the scoreboard.

Not sure who this was, but I though it was a pretty good picture!

Max Hall is my hero.