May 17, 2010

Home Owners!!

We are FINALLY home owners!!! Hooray!!!
We were able to finally close on Tuesday last week, exactly two weeks after our original closing date. We are all moved in, and now we just need to do the finishing touches, like painting, and buy our couch, kitchen table, and entertainment center, and then we weill be all set! It feels so awesome to finally be in our own house, and I'm so happy that I didn't give up, even though there were plenty of times when I wanted to! Once I get painted and everything set, I will put up pics!

May 10, 2010

Cali and Homeless-ness

So I'll start with the fun stuff, before I start complaining..
Our vacation was AMAZING!!! We had so much, very deserved, fun! Starting in Vegas, we stayed at Planet Hollywood, which is by far the best hotel we've stayed at in Vegas so far!
Alex was convinced we'd get upgraded again, since we did on our honeymoon too. I told him not to get his hopes up, but as we're checking in, I was eating my words! The very nice man that checked us in said they randomly upgrade people and that we'd be pleasantly suprised as we walked in. Which we were more than suprised!!
This was the first thing we saw as we walked in our room.

This was the second thing we saw.. And I also kicked butt at foosball!

Our amazing bed.. I haven't slept that well in a long time!

Our view from our room..

We did the typical Vegas things, gambled a little (lost it all), shopped a little, and went to the buffet!
Then it was onto Cali!! When we got there on Friday, we just went and explored around Downtown Disney, and found out that it was only about a 5 minute walk from our hotel room to Disneyland, which was awesome!!

Our view from our balcony in Cali.

Got to meet Mickey! He kissed me right before that, but they didn't get the picture fast enough.

Alex and Captain Jack!

At the entrance.

I was SO happy I wasn't sick this time!!

Okay so now to the complaining...
We still haven't closed on our house. We most likely won't close till Friday of this week, which will be two and a half weeks over our original closing date. The thing that frusrates me the most, is when the people we're working with promise or tell us a date and then it never ends up happening, because of some little tiny legal thing that they failed to tell us needs to happen first. We could have closed on Friday, but since it's bank owned, they have to have their lawyers or someone look over all the documents, which take 48-72 hours, and they didn't get the docs till this morning. And it would've been okay, except for the fact that we had to be out of our apartment yesterday. So for now, we're living in my parent's camping trailer in their backyard!
Fun way to get back to reality after a vacation, right?