July 26, 2011

..Summer Fun..

We've been having some fun this summer! We went to St. George for our annual Tuacahn trip with my entire family, and it was so fun! I was so worried about the car ride down with Macee because she HATES her car seat. But she did so good both ways! We got down there and had a picnic like always and then it was onto the play, which was The Little Mermaid. That is my all-time favorite Disney movie so I was SO excited to see it in real life.

So, of course it had to down pour and the play was cancelled about 30 minutes in.

I was so bummed, I almost cried! Luckily Macee had stayed back at the hotel with my dad so she wasn't in the rain at all. It was a pretty intense storm too, there was lightening and thunder all around us and the lobby at the theater flooded a little bit, so we were all standing in water and I thought I was going to die because the lightening was striking pretty close to us.
We had a pretty good vacation besides that though, lots of shopping and we went swimming in the hotel pool, which Macee LOVED. She's definitely going to be a water baby.

We had a fun 4th of July with Alex's family. Now that the firework laws have been changed, we actually wanted to do fireworks this year and so, of course, we had to get the big ones! Macee loved the lights, she was so mesmerized by them.
We just went to the Spanish Fork rodeo last night and it rained on us all night, just like the play! But this time we had ponchos and it was actually pretty fun to be in the rain all night.

Macee is now 6 1/2 months old! She is rolling all over, sits up completely on her own, and is so close to crawling! She's getting up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth until she faceplants. At her 6 month checkup she weighed 18.1 pounds and measured 27 inches long, which is about the 85% for both so she's growing great!

Family picture on the 4th of July.

Sitting up like a big girl!

She gets frustrated when she can't crawl.

Cool baby in her new shades!

Lounging at the hotel in St. George.

My cousin Kerstin had her camera down in St. George and got some really cute shots of Macee. This one was my favorite.

In her new swimsuit!

Waiting for the play to start.

Having fun with my brother and his girlfriend.

Sittin with Grandma and Grandpa Bunker at the rodeo..They're a little obsessed with her!

Us, in our ponchos at the rodeo.