March 31, 2011

..Loving This Life..

I wish I had the internet at home to keep up with my blog!
I'm finally getting the hang of this mom thing. I absolutely love it!!! Macee has been such a great baby. She's 11 weeks this week, and for about a month now, she's been sleeping about 8-12 hours a night. Straight. Yeah, pretty dang good baby! I never thought the littlest things would be so cute or such a big deal, until she did them! She's such a smiley little thing, and almost giggling, it's only a matter of time before I can get her to laugh. She's doing awesome with keeping her head up and looking around by herself. She's rolled over from her belly to her back quite a few times, but that's mainly because she HATES being on her belly! Over all, she's just great, I love her SO much and can't wait to see her grow and develop more.

Sucking on Daddy's finger.

Hanging out with Mommy.

Smiley little girl!

Watchin tv with Daddy.