February 24, 2012

..13 Months, A Hurt Foot, and Some Pics..

Well, we made it.
Macee is one year old!
I cannot believe I have a toddler. And she is an extremely active one!

  • She's running, talking, and is starting to understand a lot of things I tell her/say to her.
  • She says a whole bunch of words now, like Mommy, Daddy, Nanny (for my mom), Bumpa (for my dad), Mamee (for Macee), puppy, baby, yep, mine, no no no, more, please (and knows the signs for those last two!), nummy.. and probably a few more that I can't really remember.
  • She's been walking since she was about 10 months old, so now she is running around like crazy!
  • Has started to climb on things, like our couch.
  • Eats anything and everything we will allow her to eat, I haven't found a thing she doesn't like yet.
  • Brings me things when I ask her to bring them to me.
  • Knows what to do when I say "change your bum" or "let's go to bed."
At her 1 year check up, she weighed 21 pounds and was 30 inches long, which puts her 50th percentile for weight and 90th for height. So, she got the tall and skinny from her daddy! She is perfectly healthy and growing right on track!
We haven't really done anything exciting lately. Alex and I are both working and Alex is going to school full time, so we hardly every get any time together. But I just keep telling myself, it'll be worth it in the end!
I have been having problems with my ankle. I don't know how I did it, but one day I woke up and it was starting to get sore. After a couple weeks, it had gotten worse and worse so I went to a podiatrist to see what was going on. The first thing the doctor thought it was, was gout. That word just sounds disgusting. It sounds like my foot would fall off at any minute.  I got put on some medicine for that, and it didn't work. So I got an ultrasound done on it. As the doctor was looking at it, the first thing he says is, "Huh..that's really weird!"...Not something you want to hear from a doctor.
Apparently I have 2 tendons, when I should only have 1.  At first, it looked like the one tendon had completely torn off the bone, which is not a good thing at all. He couldn't tell what was really going on so he ordered an MRI for me. I was freaking out about that because I know how it works and I was terrified that I was going to have to go into the machine. I don't handle tight spaces very well!
When I got there, I found out that I only had to go in feet first, and only about up to my hip so I could relax during the whole thing.
The results came back about a week later, and they were great! Turns out I was born with the 2 tendons, and the one that looked torn actually wraps around the bottom of my foot, so in the ultrasound it only looks like it was torn. 
I somehow severely sprained my ankle and damaged the cartilage. I don't remember falling or twisting it in any way that I could do that much damage, but I guess I did. So I've been in a walking boot for 3 weeks, and I'm in it for another 3 weeks and am on some medication to help with the swelling and pain.

We took some family pictures, and Macee's 1 year pictures down at my grandparent's house on New Year's Day, and here are some of my favorites!

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